Take care of the pennies, and the pounds take care of themselves

What’s up everyone! I’m Ricky Charles (RC for short) and welcome to my musings on how I manage my wallet, aka my networth, my biz life, my investments, my professional life, and maybe even now and again, my personal life!

I work in ‘the city’, the finance centre of London having worked in Shanghai, Singapore and New York, all before the age of 35. It sounds a little more impressive than it is in reality if I’m honest. Shanghai and Singapore were internships, 6 months each straight after graduating, so while it sounds like I was a high flying financier, I was actually a broke 24 year old trying to figure out why rent was so expensive in these cities. I thought London was supposed to be the priciest place around?

10 years on and I’m making my mark. I run a hedge-fund with a few friends, nothing major, a boutique firm that I’ll keep to myself, if that’s ok with you guys! Here you’ll find my thoughts, and insights, into the financial world. My experience with startups, with business, with online money, with trading and anything else you can think of. I like to think I’ve learned the hard way, so you won’t have to – I hope it helps!